An Aztec descendant dances among a crowd during festivities in Mexico City.

Children’s “kabuki” (a traditional Japanese drama that incorporates singing and dancing) performers take a break during the Furukawa Matsuri—an exhilarating annual festival held each year in the charming town of Hida-Furukawa (飛騨古川), Gifu Prefecture.

Left: Urban cowboy, Vancouver / Right: A mariachi stands in the Zócalo plaza, Mexico City’s main historical and political square.

A Canadian Armed Forces soldier pays his respects to the fallen on Remembrance Day.

Classic vs Modern Man, Christchurch, New Zealand

I struck up a conversation with “P-E-N-T-Y” in my broken Japanese and we ended up exchanging things that day: She was gifted with my black umbrella and I went home with a self-recorded cassette tape filled with her spoken-word ramblings and occasional chantings that I cannot, to this day, decipher.

Marty was lighting up a pipe when I asked if I could sit beside him and we ended up chatting very briefly. He told me it was “payday” and he’d finally be able to stay at the Washington Hotel in Vancouver’s DTES that night. (iPhone)

Left: A visitor, Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria / Right: Yukiko, Vancouver.



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